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Nina Magon: Modern Living Room

Nina Magon Studio, formerly Contour Interior Design, is a global luxury design studio based in Houston, Texas, with an office in San Francisco, California, where architecture, interior design, and construction merge seamlessly to deliver the world’s most exclusive residences, culinary, hotel & spa, and special commission experiences. Let’s get some modern living room inspiration!

Modern Living Room By Nina Magon

Nina Magon, founder and principal of Nina Magon Studio, formerly Contour Interior Design, is a multifaceted interior designer who delivers luxurious residential, commercial, and hospitality projects, as well as a curated collection of lifestyle product designs. Her edgy and daring aesthetic infuses each design with her signature style, which she achieves through the use of bold elements, color, and timeless modernity.

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Nina Magon: Modern Living Room. Best interior designers of Houston.

Modern Living Room Inspiration From Nina Magon

The brand’s forward-thinking ethos is complemented by exceptional service, custom ideas, and experiences for each of their clients, as they believe luxury is not only elemental but also in the minutiae of who they are as a brand. Uncompromisingly high standards are maintained and delivered while creating exquisitely luxurious spaces through experiential, one-of-a-kind designs tailored to their clients’ needs, wants, and wildest imaginations.

Nina Magon: Living Room Ideas

Nina creates one-of-a-kind luxurious spaces and pieces inspired by world cultures that excite the senses and provide excellence to her discerning clientele. Nina has received accolades and global recognition for her exquisite collection of work from features in prestigious publications such as Architectural Digest, Elle Décor, Interior Design Magazine, Hospitality Design Magazine, Luxe Magazine, The Robb Report, Wall Street Journal, and many more.


Nina Magon: Modern Living Room. This is a modern living room with a sofa, one armchair and a centre table.
Nina Magon

The FH Residence was meticulously designed to host the perfect blend of natural light, oak trees, and exquisite refined interiors, all inspired by the beauty of nature.

Nina Magon: Modern Living Room. This modern living room is decorated in bright colors.
Nina Magon

The use of earth tones, natural stone, and wood makes this property appear to be a retreat experience. The extensive use of fenestration throughout the house highlights the relaxing pool views and mesmerizing landscape.

Nina Magon: Modern Living Room. New Sofas Collection.


Nina Magon: Modern Living Room. This wide living room has two huge sofas positioned back to back, occupying most of the rug.
Nina Magon

This house is a beautifully nestled property in one of Houston’s most beautiful and sought-after neighborhoods. Responsible for the interior architecture, FF&E, and soft finish selections, they completed a total reconfiguration of this well-appointed home, transforming it into a space filled with luxury and tradition; with a contemporary edge, that caters to the client’s need for spending time with family, as well as the versatility of entertaining.

Nina Magon: Modern Living Room. This living room has a green sofa, a colorful rug and a pool table.
Nina Magon

This house was designed as an entry into the realm of forward-thinking design, displaying the intense beauty that lies within combining traditional architecture with modern and forward-thinking design elements.

Inspired by the look
Nina Magon: Modern Living Room. This BRABBU living room has a nice bright colored two seat sofa.


Nina Magon: Modern Living Room. This modern living room is decorated in bright colors. There's a white sofa, and two light pink sofas.
Nina Magon

Textural elements add richness to the overall aesthetic by punctuating the interior.

Nina Magon: Modern Living Room. Dark colors were chosen to decorate this living room. There's a dark blue sofa and two white armchairs.
Nina Magon

This living room is mostly decorated in dark colors. The white armchairs provide a stark contrast to the overall image, and when paired with the light-colored rug, they add a sense of brightness to the space.


Nina Magon: Modern Living Room. Living room designed according to a modern european design aesthetic.
Nina Magon

This 11,000-square-foot traditional home in Houston, TX was completely remodeled with the addition of soft finishes. The goal was to redesign this home in a forward-thinking manner, while preserving the classic beauty of its original architecture, by using a Modern European design aesthetic.

Nina Magon: Modern Living Room. This is a cozy looking living room. The centre table fits perfectly surrounded by the sofas.
Nina Magon

For a cleaner look, large-sized tiles were used throughout the main common areas, with beautiful, synthetic stone surfaces on every countertop. All of the traditional moldings were restored and given a new coat of white paint.

Nina Magon: Modern Living Room. Collected Living Rooms catalog.


Nina Magon: Modern Living Room. This living room area in the bedroom give a special place for the house owners to be in.
Nina Magon

They approached this private residence project with the same level of luxury and forward-thinking design that they are known for. They were in charge of the overall design, from concept to completion.

Nina Magon: Modern Living Room. This living room has two green sofas with matching green pillows.
Nina Magon

They wished to design a home that combined palatial opulence with modern refinement, restraint, and sophistication.

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