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Andrew Mann – Architecture Story-Telling

Andrew Mann works expands the tradition of the Bay Area Style to Contemporary needs, specifically inspired by the works of previous generations of architects such as Bernard Maybeck, Julia Morgan, William Wurster, Joseph Esherick and William Turnbull.

Andrew Mann continues this tradition by focusing on the particularities of each projects’ site and context, by establishing a strong connection between building and landscape and by making use of natural materials.

Andrew Mann - Architecture Story-Telling
Meadow Estate – San Francisco, California
Andrew Mann - Architecture Story-Telling
Modern Crafstman – San Francisco, California

In keeping with the Bay Area Style, Andrew Mann believes that developing volumes and spatial sequences are the important aspects of architecture that transcends the parameters of traditional and modern.

Andrew Mann‘ design focusses on the abstract qualities of space, such as natural light on surfaces, the proportion of heights and widths of architectural elements, how one moves through rooms, and how one perceives the relationship between those spaces.

Andrew Mann - Architecture Story-Telling
Sonoma Retreat – Sonoma County, California
Andrew Mann - Architecture Story-Telling
Wine Country Retreat – Napa County, California

The studio believes these characteristics are central in creating timeless architecture and underlay all the work they do; so when starting a new project, Andrew Mann establishes with their clients’ priorities in terms of program, context and budget.

Andrew Mann brings the same attention and finesse to how their projects are built, as they do with the development of the overall design concepts. Their work focuses on the crispness of line and simplicity of detail.

Andrew Mann - Architecture Story-Telling
House for an Artist – Alameda County, California
Andrew Mann - Architecture Story-Telling
Peninsula Estate – Atherton, California

At a detailed level, the studio focus on the innate characteristics of materials, how they meet at surfaces and corners, and how they will actually be installed. Andrew Mann is committed to making healthy buildings, which are energy and resource-efficient and make use of natural materials.

Andrew Mann‘s mission is to create clean and sophisticated buildings which feel inevitable, they are the design solutions that seamlessly fit their contexts and meet their occupants’ needs and desires.

Andrew Mann - Architecture Story-Telling
Spanish Revival – San Francisco, California

Andre Mann believes that their collaborative approach of working, coupled with their intuitive handling of building materials and space, is what makes successful and beautiful projects.

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