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Tips on How to Choose the Best Living Room Lighting

What’s the point of having a beautifully designed space if you’re sitting in the dark? Living room lighting is one of the essential elements of a room and can impact how everything else—from the wall color to the art to the rug—looks. That’s why it’s important to plan your lighting design early and consider all the sources of light you’ll need, whether it’s wall lights over the sofa for reading or an eye-catching chandelier that illuminates the whole room.

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Here are some small tips on how to choose the living room lighting:

1. Aim High With Eye-Catching Ceiling Fixtures

Tips on How to Choose the Best Living Room LightingIncorporating a bold ceiling fixture will direct attention upward and open up your space. “A large, even over-scale ceiling fixture can add illumination and drama, and also trick the eye into thinking space is much larger than it actually is,” said interior designer Michael Murphy.

2. Go Vertical With Floor Lamps

Tips on How to Choose the Best Living Room LightingWhen you’re short on square footage, take advantage of height instead. Torchiere floor lamps are ideal for apartments lacking in the area because they provide plenty of light without taking up the much-needed floor or tabletop space. Murphy suggests choosing a lamp that multitasks — meaning it has a torchiere top and a task light midway up — to get the most out of your fixture. Tall floor lamps are also ideal for the narrow corners of a room that are often overlooked but shouldn’t be. “Placing a floor lamp or table lamp can help disperse light in the room and provide illumination in the otherwise dim nooks and crannies,” says Murphy.

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3. Focus on the Mix

Tips on How to Choose the Best Living Room LightingA successful lighting design combines a number of light sources at different levels of the room. Add layers of light from a number of types of fixtures that can be used together or separately for a flexible space.

4. Add a Centerpiece

Tips on How to Choose the Best Living Room LightingWhether you go for a romantic chandelier or a modern pendant, a striking light fixture can complete a living room. Use the piece to brighten the seating area and create a focal point. Install a dimmer switch to be able to switch up the atmosphere and set the mood.

5. Illuminate a Corner

Tips on How to Choose the Best Living Room LightingA lonely armchair instantly becomes a cozy reading nook when you add a floor lamp. Take advantage of an empty corner and create a calm spot that’s the perfect for curling up with a bestseller.

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