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Trends 2020 For Your Living Room

Trends 2020 and inspirations for your Living Room selected by us! It is always difficult to find inspirations for interior home decor and living room projects because there are so many styles and approaches that people just get confused! Many others have a lack of inspirations and can’t really clarify their visions.

Living room is one of the most important spaces in our homes because it welcomes us after a long and busy day at work, always in a hurry with deadlines, people who complain about everything…and last but not least: pollution (the main reason why we definitely should surround us with natural elements when at home).

So, when we finally come home and close the door behind us, we definitely want a warm and comfortable living room to rest! In this article you will find some trends 2020 -spotted at the last Salone del Mobile.

New Minimalism

The opposite of maximalism, the minimalist style is among trends 2020 and it will help you to keep your interior design project for your living room simple, but still beautiful.

Clean lines, geometries and textiles are those small details that truly enrich your living room and of course it’s always possible -and even easier- to add a personal and special twist!

Trends 2020, Living Room, Inspirations
Geometric lines

We love this geometric trend because it embodies rationality and order, it seems to give to the surrounding environment a soft touch of lightness and this is something that a living room should definitely have! Furthermore, it’s adaptable to any project.

An amazing example of interior design with a geometric touch comes from  Rug’Society and its Susy Rug: versatility and attraction are a must! This is definitely going to be one of our favourite trends in 2020!

Trends 2020, Living Room, Inspirations

See the GEOMETRIC collection here.

Maya Armchair Upholstery BRABBU

Dark Wood

Wood furniture is definitely coming back but still, people think about that as an old and out of fashion thing.

But it is among trends 2020, we will see dark wood furniture in our living room because they have been revisited with a modern hand, connect us with nature and add an organic touch to our home.

Trends 2020, Living Room, Inspirations
Dark Wood Furniture

You can definitely imagine how this stunning NAZCA sideboard from BRABBU could look in your living room!

Trends 2020, Living Room, Inspirations
Nazca Sideboard, BRABBU

It has a structure in matte walnut root veneer and a base in vintage brass matte. Nazca is a tectonic plate located in the southern Pacific Ocean and this artwork is a tribute to Mother Earth’s heartbeat. Among our favourite inspirations!

Modular Design

The living room seems to be a constantly evolving space in our homes because nowadays we live several changes in terms of family members or apartment size. We need to change and adapt to the space of our living room.

That’s why the modular design is among trends 2020: this will allow you to have beautiful furniture and at the same time to change the design easily!

Trends 2020, Living Room, Inspirations
The Moove Collection, Adriano Castiglioni
Trends 2020, Living Room, Inspirations
The Moove Collection, Adriano Castiglioni

See also: Eclectic Style – The Bold Harmonisation of Different Styles

These are trends 2020 for your living room we love the most and we hope to give you great inspirations for your living room project!

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