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6 Interior design Tips to Make Your Dining Room Look Bigger

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An overwhelming atmosphere reigns in the dining room? You choke? Never mind, there are interior design tips that have the effect of visually expanding our rooms.

Although small spaces can be warm and very comfortable, they are often difficult to decorate. The room is narrow and you have to succeed in cleverly placing sofa, table, chairs and storage. From a bedroom that can only contain one bed to a living room that has to combine both a sitting area, dining room and office, here are some deco tips that can help you to give the illusion that your room is much more spacious than it looks without having to compromise.

Let me show you how to make your room more spacious than ever with 6 dining room interior design tips!

  • Make sure you have enough natural lightinterior design tipsIf possible take advantage of large windows in your living room, the natural light instantly enlarges the room and adds a modern look to your home decor.


  • Use dining chairs and bar chairs with long feet Interior design tipsInterior designOpt for dining chair and bar chairs rather high which contrast with the width of the room.


  • Use natural colors                                                                                                            Design tipsDesign tips Light and natural colors like white, gray and beige give the impression of a larger space since brighter.


  • Create a wall mirror interior designDesign tipsBy putting mirrors on a whole piece of wall, you will give depth to your room. If this wall is near a window, the light will be reflected and will also help to make the space brighter.


  • Place furniture in the heart of your dining roomInterior design tipsThere is a natural tendency to arrange our furniture along the walls. However, by placing them in the center of a room, they allow the eye to move around them and thus create a perspective that will make the room appear larger. In addition, you can establish different areas in the same space. Very practical for open areas!


  • Paint your ceilings with bright colors Interior Design tipsA bright color will lead the eye up, giving the impression of a roomier room. Green is one of the trend colors of this season, why not?

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