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Karim Rashid: There’s Only Endless Love.

Karim Rashid: There’s Only Endless Love.

Karim Rashid is one of the greatest designers of our time.

Half English and half Egyptian, he kept moving with his family since he was one year old: Karim Rashid moved from Egypt to Paris to London and finally to Canada.

There he graduated in industrial design and then completed his studies in Italy too.


karim rashid, design
Karim Rashid

Since 1993 he owns a private design studio in New York, but despite that we can affirm that his work is quite diverse and covers several sectors: interns, fashion, furniture, lighting, art and music installations and he takes inspirations outside the profession as well.



His nature is always gravitating around unusual and uncommon things because he strongly believes that a good design -a part from being “a perfect balance of form, emotion, technology, performance, and function” -breaks the archetype at some point.

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karim rashid, design
Karim Rashid


When he designs products he tries to represent the reality and what’s going on for real with technology and progress and most of all he approaches every project with the intent of making something original that can impact society like trying to create the fourth dimension in design: bringing an experiential viewpoint to how people are thinking about it.

karim rashid, design
Self-Warming Baby Bottles by Karim Rashid


Karim Rashid always tries to push the boundary: sometimes in a functional way, other times in an ecological way or in a performance way or  in a more aesthetic way.


karim rashid, design
Bobble Water Bottle by Karim Rashid


He always asks himself “How do I humanize the world with design? How do I create an extension of human body?” and that’s because he wants to take part in project where he can make a social contribution.


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karim rashid, design
Karim Rashid’s Bump Charger


Design exists to make our lives better in terms of beauty and poetry because that’s a collective human need that would help us to set our mind free from antiquated traditions and the meaningless.

It’s curious that during one of his interviews, Karim Rashid affirmed that the majority of the world needs to be redesigned: the history of humanity and design has been all about conformity, now with the digital age it’s time to express the individuality because products have to connect with the users and sustain them towards everyday life.

"I live and breathe and exist in what I do so it's all a part of me".

                                                               Karim Rashid 

BRABBU upholstery Malay chair


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