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8 Gorgeous Living Room Wall Painting Colors

Hello, dear readers! With which color should you paint your living room to make it look bigger? The first response that occurs to us is white, the most obvious choice, but not the only one. There are other shades that can give a new élan to your room without making it lose space. That’s why we are sharing with you these 8 gorgeous living room wall painting colors for your home decor improvement!

The living room is the division where most families spend their time resting and socializing. Having the walls painted with a proper color is essential so that we find in this area an oasis of calm and well-being.

Turquoise and Blue-Green walls

Gorgeous Living Room Wall Painting Colors

As you can see, in this room, only a few walls appear painted in stronger colors. There are walls that materialize strategic points within the space and appear as a statement in the decor.

Gray and White 

Gorgeous Living Room Wall Painting Colors

Gray and white are a timeless combination that harmonizes with both modern and classic spaces. When using neutral tones, you can choose to add touches of color through the accessories.

Wine Color 

Gorgeous Living Room Wall Painting Colors

The color of the wine is a good choice for the contrasting walls. It is an elegant color that looks wonderfully with furniture of a neutral color.

White over White

Gorgeous Living Room Wall Painting Colors

If you choose white, you can take a monochrome approach that extends from the floor and walks through walls, furniture, and curtains. And so you get a space full of light that breathes amplitude.

Red Color 

Gorgeous Living Room Wall Painting Colors

Another bold color is the red that has the power to ensure an immediate energy. The ideal is, however, to balance it with furniture and white details to create a contrast. Try to paint the ceiling with a lighter color than the walls, to make it appear taller and, in space, larger.

Beige and Wood Painting

Gorgeous Living Room Wall Painting Colors

A good way to give dimension to the walls is playing with textures. In this case, we see a combination of beige, a neutral tone par excellence, and a part of the wall, behind the sofa, covered in wood.

The Pastel Shades 

Gorgeous Living Room Wall Painting Colors

The pastel shades are the main protagonists in the latest proposals for decoration. They can appear in the pictures and repeat themselves in the rest of the space, elevating the decoration.

Navy Blue 

Gorgeous Living Room Wall Painting Colors

Much is said about the risk of using dark colors in the spaces. But when properly applied, they can look great. We love this combination of navy blue with touches in yellow and white.

Hope you liked our wall painting suggestions for your living room. Feel free to visit our social media: Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram. You can also leave your opinion in our comment box below. Thank you!

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