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Fernanda Marques: Outstanding Brazilian Designer

Born in São Paulo, Fernanda Marques is one of Brazil’s greatest interior designers. Following her graduation from the University of São Paolo where she studied architecture, she developed her craft under Gian Carlo Gasperini: an icon of Brazilian contemporary architecture.

Fernanda Marques: Outstanding Brazilian Designer

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BRABBU upholstery Malay chair

It wasn’t until 1990 that she would open her own studio, Fernanda Marques Architects, where she has since worked on a wide variety of projects in the fields of interior design, architecture and product design. But it is not just her many professional talents that she has had to juggle: she cites the period of time following the birth of her triplets as one of the most challenging moments of her career.

Fernanda Marques: Outstanding Brazilian Designer

Though she has already seen success throughout her career, Fernanda Marques strives to push herself further and exceed the current standards for interior design, and still has many goals she wishes to achieve.

Fernanda Marques: Outstanding Brazilian Designer

“I think that, at some level, I have always been an architect. I believe that I have felt like an architect since I was a child. As a result, I absolutely love what I do. However, what I love the most about my job is the possibility of making people be touched by the beauty of my projects, or simply be challenged by them”, she explained.

In order to create projects that stand out from other designers, Fernanda Marques prefers not to follow the current design trends. “I am totally against the speech of ‘trends’ because I believe it takes away the singularities of each place and each professional” she explains. Instead she chooses to tailor her work to the wishes of her clients, who are more interested in the art and design of each project, rather than what is currently popular.

Fernanda Marques: Outstanding Brazilian Designer

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Marques also chooses to use products that she has designed personally in her projects in order to have control over every aspect of the design process. This also enable her to further fulfil the clients desires which in turn creates a stronger bond and greater trust between designer and client.

Fernanda Marques: Outstanding Brazilian Designer

For Fernanda Marques, the next big challenge for the world of interior design is the issue of sustainability and creating products and projects that are not damaging to the environment. Though generally averse to the concept of trends, she feels that eco-friendly design is an important “trend” for our time. In particular, she is interested in finding a creative solution for the reduction of waste and the search for sustainable materials.

Fernanda Marques: Outstanding Brazilian Designer

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