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The best lighting ideas for your living room decoration

The best lighting ideas for your living room decoration 

Hello dear readers, today we’re going to show you one of the most important elements for a living room, which is lighting system. Lighting is very important because it is what will make your living room more cozy, elegant and it also enhance the furniture in it.

Now you will see, 10 stunning suggestions for your living room lighting decoration, from the Koket brand.

chloe-sconce-1 koket

Chloe sconce by Koket. With unexpected golden twists this sconce looks magically beautiful.

eternity-chandelier-7 koket

Eternity chandelier by Koket. The elegant silhouette of this chandelier takes its brilliance from the skillful application of the crystal.

vivre_p2 koket

Vivre sconce by Koket. The Vivre Sconce offers exquisite vintage details with a decidedly modern profile. It has in the middle the agate stone from whichthe light will shine through, offering the perfect glow.eternity sconce koket

Eternity sconce by Koket. It has the same materials as the eternity chandelier but in a different shape.

Botanica sconce by Koket. Appealing brass flower plated with gold.best lighting ideas

Gia chandelier by Koket. The Gia chandelier consists of hand sculpted polished brass calla lilies tied by a simple string.

best lighting ideas

Passion sconce by Koket. Inspired by Nature, this luminous wall sconce symbolizes the link between first love and a flower when it first blooms.best lighting ideas

Nymph chandelier by Koket. Beautiful detail chandelier with brass butterflies creating a gorgeous and luxury look.best lighting ideas

Hypnotic chandelier by Koket.  The graceful pattern of cut polished brass detail compliment the black glass component of this piece.best lighting ideas

Another version of the Eternity pendant by Koket, but this time with a shape of a square. This chandelier with thw great application of crystal will give your living room a brighter feeling.

Hope you liked our lighting suggestions! Please leave your comment on our social media or at the comment box. Thank you for reading!


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