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Visual Masterpieces: Living Room Furniture That Doubles as Art

Though functionality is a key feature of interior design, introducing a piece of art to a room can elevate a room’s ambience through aesthetic means. This can be cumbersome in limited space and may even seem impossible. However, combining aesthetics and practicality into one piece of furniture creates an amazing product, one that will instantly stand out in any interior and is guaranteed to gain compliments. Keep reading to find our selection some of the finest examples of living room furniture that double as art.

Maya Armchair Upholstery BRABBU


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Furniture as Art – The Bel Air Armchair


Visual Masterpieces: Living Room Furniture That Doubles as Art


Designed in 1982 by Peter Shire for Memphis, an Italian design group, the Bel Air armchair has since become one of the collective’s most emblematic pieces. Inspired by the South Californian lifestyle, this armchair also alludes to 1950s Retrofuturism through its shapes and colours. The Bel Air is so iconic, that it has been displayed in museums such as the V&A.


Furniture as Art – The Cygnus Display


Visual Masterpieces: Living Room Furniture That Doubles as Art


Inspired by the Cygnus constellation, this display table’s geometric lines are reminiscent of the Constructivism movement. Composed of a series of matte brass squares and rectangles, each meticulously placed by craftsmen, this striking product is sure to wow!


Furniture as Art – The Heritage Sideboard

Visual Masterpieces: Living Room Furniture That Doubles as Art

Directly incorporating art into its design, the Heritage sideboard displays images directly inspired by the famous azulejo, a key feature of Portuguese architecture. These tiles are carefully hand painted with intricate designs, often featuring key historical and cultural events. This sideboard is the ideal piece to introduce a touch of culture in any living room.



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Furniture as Art – The Cake Stool


Visual Masterpieces: Living Room Furniture That Doubles as Art


This eccentric and playful stool is the creation of the Campana Brothers. This Brazilian duo create opportunistic furniture from everyday materials as a reflection of the contrast between the poverty and economic progress found side by side in their country. Whilst fun and aesthetically pleasing, this stool also depicts many endangered species, carrying a deeper message about nature and conservation.


Furniture as Art – The Soleil Wall Lamp


Visual Masterpieces: Living Room Furniture That Doubles as Art

This hammered brass wall light is evocative of the sunburst motifs of 1920s art deco, bringing the spirit of the decade of parties and post-war celebration. This stunning sconce is the ideal way to add a warm glow to any interior.


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