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Vincent Van Duysen: Beauty And Essentiality.

Vincent Van Duysen: Beauty And Essentiality.

Vincent Van Duysen was born in Belgium in 1962.

After graduating in architecture and after gaining experiences abroad, he founded his studio, Vincent Van Duysen Architects, in 1990.

vincent van duysen, design
Vincent Van Duysen

He has received numerous awards and he was named art director of the Italian brand Molteni.

But what makes him different from the others?

Vincent Van Duysen has been called “minimalist”, but actually his method is quite far from being minimalist.



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His creative process starts with the searching of the essence of what a space needs.

He strongly believes that an interior design project requires the understanding of living well: functionality, durability and comfort are essential.

He defines himself a storyteller because he likes to create emotional connection with a space by following his intuition and feelings, giving a great importance to the context and the tradition.

vincent van duysen, design
Vincent Van Duysen: Beauty And Essentiality.

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Then, there is also a deep understanding of the beauty and the creativity: that’s when he completes his interior design project with textures, colors and materials.

Vincent Van Duysen has a multidisciplinary approach to his work: he is able to coordinate his projects combining together architecture, interior design and product design.

He declared that: “Interiors radiate beauty when their design creates timeless spaces defined by the essential: light, form, and material. ”

We can easily notice this philosophy in the following projects.

In this one, named WM II Residence, the main point is a central fireplace.

vincent van duysen, design
The WM II Residence


vincent van duysen, design
The WM II Residence

Another important element in Vincent Van Duysen‘ s projects is the light.

And here it plays a central role, with a resulting atmosphere of brightness, sophistication and consistency.

The C Penthouse interior design project takes advantage of its spectacular location.

vincent van duysen, design
The C Penthouse


vincent van duysen, design
The C Penthouse

There is a Cubist approach with the central coffee table in the living room and the wood material implemented.

Through his design projects, Vincent Van Duysen expresses his curiosity about the world, places, cultures and people.

And for more than 30 years, he has showed a great sensibility for context, materials, space, craftsmanship, and beauty.

To learn more, visit his website: https://vincentvanduysen.com/


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