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Natural Shaped Products: The Magic Of Design

Natural Shaped Products: The Magic Of Design.

Designers can find inspirations for their design project everywhere, but usually they check on magazines and boards which basically show human technologies and inventions.

Since more than 50 years ago, some designers and engineers have understood that the creative process can start from outside spaces rather than studios or laboratories: everything can start playing, experimenting and observing the environment.

People who design our world have a lot to learn from the natural world in order to become problem-solvers and creative thinkers.


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BRABBU upholstery Malay chair



Life itself is a source of inspiration: taking a walk or swimming in the ocean, all of them are actions that connect us with nature and enable us to be more authentic.

If we keep an eye on nature, its forests, seas and oceans and all of its different habitats, we discover a beautiful and intuitive way to give birth to natural shaped products.

natural shaped products, design

Natural shaped products can mimic its shape or structure, its processes or even its ecosystems and in the end, they are proved to be more attractive, unique and well-thought.

Furthermore, natural shaped products reflect the harmony with nature -and that’s a trend- and bring energy to our life objects.

Following you can find 5 natural shaped products selected by us that can be an inspiration for your living room design project.


Brabbu Kumi Mirror

natural shaped products, design



This Kumi Mirror from Brabbu is inspired by Kumi, a Japanese oyster with undeniable beauty. This natural shaped product is a treasure for all of the people who want to add an original touch in their interior design project!


Boca do Lobo Fortuna Desk

natural shaped products, design



Another stunning nature-inspired contemporary furniture is the FORTUNA Desk from Boca do Lobo: it is made in wood and enveloped in polished patina brass, with a manually engraved top that emulates the outlines of log rings, reminding the time life of a tree.


Sory Yanagi Butterfly Stool

natural shaped products, design

This beautiful and elegant stool is from the ’50s. Sori Yanagi, a Japanese designer, created it right after the Second World War, to express the fragility of human beings through the shape of a butterfly.

Aisslinger Tree Lamp

natural shaped products, design
Aisslinger, TREE LAMP

Created by Aisslinger, a German design studio based in Berlin, this lamp is part of a tree lamps collection. Its shape is linear and elegant just as a tree can be!

Thinkk Studio Kanom Lounge Chair

natural shaped products, design

This fantastic lounge chair from Thinkk Studio is one of the most beautiful natural shaped products ever seen so far. Its design is inspired by banana leaves and a very tasty Thai dessert.

What do you think about these natural shaped products? Let us know!


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Maya Armchair Upholstery BRABBU


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