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Introducing the pantone colors of the year 2016

We are going to introduce the pantone colors of this year 2016! The colors are serenity blue and rose quartz. These two colors are always together because they fit perfectly like no other, they are simply beautiful connected with a clean and peaceful look. We think that the reason which pantone released two colors this year was because the rose quartz itself, probably wouldn’t stand so strong as it is now with the support of another beautiful and not so feminine color.

pantone colors of the year 2016

The serenity color presented in this living room creates a feeling of peace and well being to everyone in it.

pantone colors of the year 2016

This living room transmits a cozy space for a friendly or familiar meeting where you can relax and this rose quartz color really help in that way.

pantone colors of the year 2016

A good and confortable space to be with your friends and family  with a gentle and sweet environment.

pantone colors of the year 2016

As you can see, all of this pictures look really confortable and cozy, perfect spaces to enjoy great moments.

pantone colors of the year 2016

This living room looks like the perfect space to be when you arrive from work with a relaxing environment.

rose quartz color

Here we have a different living room with a touch of luxury and glamour, but still has his soft and gentle look due to the rose quartz color. Beautiful details in the table with gold tones.

pantone colors of the year 2016

The perfect space for a familiar conversation.

rose quartz color

In this living room despite of the atrative rose quartz color, it really looks like a great and confortable sofa to rest after a long day.

rose quartz color

This is a simple and neutral living room until you look to the sofa with one of the colors of this year, the rose quartz giving this living room a different look.

pantone colors of the year 2016

A good sofa to fit in a living room with the serenity blue which is a beautiful and modern color.

Hope you liked our suggestions. Please give us your opinion on our social media or in our comment box.

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