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Best of: Black and White Modern Living Rooms

Black and White Modern Living Rooms! Black and white is really a reliable colour combination that is always hip and works well with any colour that you have chosen for your house. Yet, this strong and brilliant colour duo is far more used in both contemporary kitchens and relaxing spa-like home bathrooms, rather than in the living room.

This article was originally published on May 15th, 2016.


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Best of Black and White Modern Living Rooms (8)

by Orange Coast Interior Design

This amazing living room design has a long living room couch with an incredible white rug. In case you don’t like big Tv screens, you can always opt for paintings or a family photo. The magnificent chandelier right in the middle of the living room design gives all the glamour you need to finish the decoration with radiance.

In the case of the living room, you can create a truly monochromatic setting that only uses these two shades. Bringing a sense of sophistry and refined grace, the black and white colour palette is easy to work with. And offers plenty of benefits.

Best of Black and White Modern Living Rooms (9)

by Imagine Living

In this case, we have a big white dining room sofa together with two silver living room chairs. Right at the centre, the two tables disposed of in different ways give a special touch. The black curtain covering all the wall gives a glamorous effect.

The living room is an important room in the house. Like I have said before, the living room is the room where the family spends time and because of that it is important to edit and decor the living room be comfortable and pleasant for everyone. And today, I have for you 10 inspirations of white and black living room designs. Hope you like it.

more sleek black and white

Here you have a more artistic example. Starting with the floor, which has a special drawing in black and white to complement all the decoration in the living room. The large living room sofas give all the rest you need after a long day of work or just enjoying the weekend. You can always opt for a glass living room table that marks the difference and it will be highly noticed.

You can make a whole living room in black or the whole room in white, but the most beautiful design is the combination of black and white You can put some details like pillows or chairs in other colours in the black and white designed room. It is amazing.

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by Madison Lily Rugs

If you want an element that really spots the attention, it’s here on this image. I’m pretty sure that you have already noticed what I’m talking about. Yes, the amazing rug on the living room floor. This one is designed by Madison Lily Rugs and it’s completely unbelievable.

Best of Black and White Modern Living Rooms (7)

Here’s another stunning contrast between black and white inspiration with a beautiful chandelier as well.

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Best of Black and White Modern Living Rooms (4)

We have 3 colours that combine perfectly, black, white and grey. It’s like a decreasing from the black colour which suits very well in this living room.

Best of Black and White Modern Living Rooms (5)

by M/I Homes

Designed by M/I Homes, a really good combination of various elements. The white sofas with dark pillows matching the white curtains containing a black border. The futuristic design of the rug is the perfect ending to an amazing decoration.

Best of Black and White Modern Living Rooms

Despite the black and white colours, this living room still has some colourful details that fit perfectly and complement the place.

Best of Black and White Modern Living Rooms (6)

The classic black and white living room design. The walls and the floors, completely black using a lighter rug. The detail of the white living room sofa is just delicious using black on the borders. All kind of combinations, blacks, whites, black and white or black and white with some other colours you can find in the gallery below.

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