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10 Contemporary Rugs that will Delight You

Today the theme will be a bit different and we never talked about it in this blog. Let’s talk about contemporary rugs then.

Who can deny that a rug is always part of a marvelous contemporary living room design? Contemporary rugs are taking over decoration, turning a boring room into an attractive living room.

So let us show you this selection of contemporary rugs for your living room decor.

Spellbound Cabinet

This extraordinary Cobra rug combines strength and suppleness providing a cozy and elegant look for your space. Also, we have the beautiful Spellbound cabinet by KOKET.

10 Contemporary Rugs that will Delight You6

Cowhide rug with embossed bovine leather cobra prints border. Bovine leather refers to leather relating to cattle. Cobra Jet Black rug by KOKET.

This beautiful blue rug lightens up the whole room, which looks perfect!

Square panels of genuine dyed cowhide are framed by a soft Cowhide with Merino lamb wool border.

Sandstorm rug, by BRABBU.

Cowhide rug with Bovine Leather Metallic Border by KOKET.


This grey rug is the perfect choice for this room design.

10 Contemporary Rugs that will Delight You5

Square panels of genuine dyed cowhide are framed by a feathery Mongolian Goat fur border, rug designed by KOKET.

10 Contemporary Rugs that will Delight You10

Beige rug with V patterns fit perfectly in this room design.

Beige rug with a comfortable and fluffy look for a living room design.

Hope you liked our contemporary rugs suggestions. Please leave your opinion on our Facebook Page or at the comment box below. Thank you!

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